“Courageous” study – Lesson #7

« Courageous » Study – Lesson #7 »

As the Bible study is based on the movie "Courageous" which speaks of having courage in many aspects of our lives, the title of the 7th meeting was "Witness courageously".

Regardless of whether it's fear of controversy, fear of judgment, fear of failure, or even fear of death (in some parts of the world), we consider "Courage"as a prerequisite when it comes time to actively share our faith with the people around us.

1 Peter 3; 15 says, "But sanctify in your hearts Christ the Lord, being always ready to defend you, with gentleness and respect, before anyone who asks you for the reason of the hope that is in you"

God does not encourage us to testify of our faith if we feel capable but to be "always ready" to be a witness of "the hope" that is in us.

In summary, Jesus did not die the way He died with all the sufferings and humiliations He suffered so that we could live our faith as "Secret Agents" in the basement of our house. Jesus deserves that we face our fears and that we would be courageous for him.

So I ask you 4 questions:

  1. Think of the people you know who do not have Jesus and ask yourself what will happen if they never come to hear the gospel?
  2. Are you actively involved in making the gospel progress or are you among those who rely on others to do so?
  3. What daily opportunities do you have to share the gospel around you and how can you seize these opportunities?
  4. As a parent, how much do you seek to share Christ and the scriptures at home with your children?

Deuteronomy 6; 7: "You will inculcate them to your children, and you will speak about them when you are in your house, when you go on a journey, when you lie down and when you get up"

Be all blessed!