Psalms 44; 6:

« I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory »

One winter morning we received a call from a family saying that one of their members was out of control. Once on the scene a young teenager of 6'4 "- 250lbs who shouted words in an inaudible language was kept on the ground by his brother who also had the same corpulence. When I asked his brother what was their family language, he told me that they only spoke french and that no one understood what the teenager was saying.

I knew we would have to take him to the hospital and that we would probably have to use force since his family had mentioned to us that the situation was like that since 23:00 the day before. They also told us that their son was only rolling on the ground and that he had not been walking for more than 12 hours. So I put my hand on his leg (while his brother was still mastering it) and I began to pray and ask authority over whatever was causing this state. At this moment the young man looked at me with empty eyes and began to speak in an unknown language and to shout after me; He struggled harder and harder.

Then when the ambulance arrived, I told him to get up because we were going to have to leave. Instantly he got up, put on his boots and embarked on his own in the ambulance. In a moment, everything the young man had done in the last 12 hours had just ended! My fear of not knowing what was going to happen had just disappeared! The family did not understand anything about it ... and neither did I! It was the first time I dared to pray for such a situation! I realized that day that I possessed 2 forms of authority: the one who came with my uniform and that of the cross.