Romans 15; 1:

« We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves »

In my first year of service I had a call from a lady saying she did not like the way her lower neighbor looked at her when she got home. She said he had a "scary" look. That night I can not remember why but I was very tired and I remember that the only thing I could not wait for was that my shift was over.

When I received the call I remember thinking to myself: "What do you want me to do there !!!??? ". When I arrived I met a very nervous lady who had trouble calming down to tell me what was going on. The only thing she said to me was that she had spent the last 3 hours listening to praises and christian music to calm down and asked if I knew what it was. When I told her that I was a christian and that I knew christian music, she immediately calmed down and told me I could leave and that she was reassured! She confided in me that she prayed that God would send her an angel to protect her and when she saw that among all the available police officers at the department (650+ officers) that I had been sent by God, she understood that God was watching over her and that He had not forgotten. It was enough for her to finally find sleep and she never called again.

Every day that I leave for work I ask God that He uses me to bless and protect others. That day I realized that although I could find some calls annoying, that the police officer that God is expecting from me was the one who will always be there to protect the citizens no matter their fears.