Matthew 25; 40

« Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me »

A few years ago I had to intervene in a call where we had to remove a child from her family just before Christmas. So I asked her to bring her favorite toys knowing that waiting for the DPJ (Child Protection Agency) reply would probably take a long time. Unfortunately, the little girl escaped our surveillance for a few seconds and went to put all her toys in a safe that nobody at the station had the code. This little girl found herself on the eve of Christmas without a family, without a house and without a toy ...

So when I got home I woke up my wife, told her the story and we agreed on a budget to buy her new toys next morning. The next day I went to a big-box store to buy toys and then I drove 3 hours to bring them to her for Christmas.

No need to tell you how this child smiled when she saw me arriving with the toys pile to unpack. About 1 year later I learned that from of all the things I had bought her, it was a little lamp-shaped mushroom that she had preferred since it reassured her at night when she was afraid at her new place.

Article published in the newspaper "La Presse"