Matthew 6; 34:

« Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself »

Since my new job was not in the town where we lived and my wife had to graduate from college, we had to establish a budget to determine how much we could put on housing and on a 2nd car for me to travel. We could not invest more than $ 600 / month otherwise we would seriously get into debts.

So we chose to buy a small Yaris that would be very economical and very inexpensive but after checking in more than 5 dealers there was not one left in Québec. So we went into a last garage that told us the same thing. However, the seller went to see his inventory and noticed that a Yaris had a "sold" label that had been forgotten on the windshield because the buyers did not qualify for credit. So we bought it immediately and it only cost us $200/month including taxes, interest and winter tires. All I had to do was to find a place to stay with only $400 in the Greater Montréal's Area ...

So I called in a church in the area and the secretary told me that a church girl had a grandmother who was not sleeping at night since a thief had tried to enter her house. So I met this lady who offered to stay at home for the modest sum of $400/month including a full basement, my own bathroom, living room, cable, telephone and ALL my meals included! In exchange, she only asked me to pass from time to time with the police car in front of her house to reassure her at night. When the other agents on my team learned about it, they also passed by her house and turned on their lights to reassure her as well as often as they could!