Revelation 3; 8b:

« See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut »

When I was hired as an officer for the first time, I was far from suspecting that I would lose my job 6 months later. A certain captain who did not see me in his soup set to accumulate a file against me and when it came time to dismiss me, he advised me to give my resignation so that I wouldn't have to say during other interviews that I had been thrown out. So I handed him my resignation and applied for 31 of the 32 police forces in Québec. In all the other job's interviews I did as the captain had suggested to me, and I said that I had voluntarily resigned even if I had been actually forced to it; After all it was the agreement with this captain! Despite this, I was refused by the 31 organizations for which I had applied.

So I went back to meet with my first employer's internal affairs captain and asked him if I could come back and said I was sorry for my past mistakes and that I had walked in the last few months. He told me that the director did not want to know anything but that he had greatly appreciated that I had gone to humiliate myself before him, showing him a lot of maturity. Although it was great to hear, it did not give me any job ...

Then I applied for the 32nd and last police force (for which I had never sent my name convinced that such a large police force would never want from me) and I was invited to the interview. In the interview I explained this time that I had handed in my resignation by force and that I had learned a lot during the last year looking for a job.

By my greatest surprise I was hired by this employer and still work with this agency with great happiness. When it came time to move to bring me closer to my new job, I took the opportunity to greet one last time the captain of my first employer's internal affairs that I had met and he told me that he was already aware. He told me that the day my employer called to have informations about me, that they transferred the call to him because the captain who had lied to me was absent because of illness that day (he had never taken any sick leave in the past). He told my new employers that I had gone to humiliate myself before him and that if more police officers had the same attitude of repentance, that we would go much further. That was enough to convince them to hire me!

I was convinced that never again would I be a police officer, but God had decided otherwise; The door was still open!