Psalms 32; 8

« I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go »

Being a christian police officer, I discovered that it is important to dedicate my shift to God. Personally, when I take the few seconds I need to pray before my succession begins, I realize that I am more sensitive to the direction of God.

One night, when we had a lot of calls and a few arrests in a problem area, my partner and I wanted to go back quickly to the station as the end of our shift was approaching. Just on the way, I felt we must stay there. I had to persist with my colleague for a moment, but we concluded to stay and to wait for 10 minutes.

As the clock drew to a close, we received a call from a man who said his sister had gone to commit suicide in the wood with a rope. Immediately we found the lady who was barely 100 meters from the place where we were stationed. She was unconscious and no longer breathing, strangled by a rope tight around her neck. So I cut the rope, did some first aid and CPR maneuvers and she survived.

Glory be to God, we were only 100m rather than a dozen km!