We are ambassadors

« We are ambassadors » 

Who heared/remembers about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? And who knows about Cassie Bernall and Rachel Joy Scott?

Eric and Dylan were the 2 shooters who broke into Columbine High School in Denver, Colorado on May 20th, 1999 and Cassie and Rachel were 2 of the 13 victims of this sad day.

Here is a short summary of the two victims:

Cassie Bernall:

  • Ancient Gothic
  • Practiced Satanism/Witchcraft
  • She wanted to commit suicide
  • Mixed lots of alcohol and drugs
  • She planned the killing of her parents very violently
  • There was a major change in her life after her parents sent her to a Christian summer camp
  • She accepted Jesus in her life
  • She became on fire for God
  • She started going to church every week
  • She brought her Bible to school
  • She was wearing a WWJD bracelet
  • She wanted to cut her hair to give to children living with chemotherapy
  • She wrote a prophetic poem just before her death
  • She received a postume award of the National Education Association of New York in 2006
  • Her family opened a foundation to help young people in schools
  • Several books and songs were written in her honor

Rachel Joy Scott:

  • Born in 1981
  • Daughter of a pastor
  • She went to live alone with her mother when her father divorced
  • She went to the same school as Eric and Dylan and shared the same courses
  • At 12 she gave her heart to Jesus by begging her to use her to help people
  • At 13 she made a drawing of her hands saying that one day they would reach millions of people for Jesus
  • At school Rachel does not have many friends because of her religious beliefs.
  • Her mother bought her a diary to help her overcome loneliness; this was the first of a long series.
  • One year to the day (April 20, 1998) she wrote following her rejection at the school: "I have no personal friends at school. But you know what ... it's all worth it to me ... If I have to sacrifice everything I will ". She was very far from suspecting what would happen to her the following year ...
  • In 2001 she received the National Kindness Award for the Student of the Year.
  • Her family then set up the Rachel's Challenge, which reaches millions of people around the world

Couple times after the tragic events, a man from Ohio called Rachel's father and told him he always makes the same dream since the last month. He said he was just seeing Rachel's eyes crying and that out of her tears things came back to life. The man asked the father if he had any idea what he was talking about and the father replied that he did not.

A few weeks later, the Sheriff told the father to come to the police station to look for Rachel's personal belongings that had been seized during the crime scene. As he looked into his daughter's diary, he saw a drawing of his eyes, which wept tears on a rose. Once the tears touched the flower it became blood that made the rose come alive. The eyes were those of Rachel's and the tears were 13 in number; as well as the number of victims. Also, the rose was not just any rose. It was a Columbine as well as the name of her school where the tragedy took place.

Now, why do you think I was talking about these people? What makes me remember them especially in addition to all that was said?

They said Yes!

According to witnesses from the scene, the 2 girls would have been asked if they believed in Jesus, knowing that it would be death that would wait for them if they answered "Yes". Despite the chaos in the school, the indescribable scenes of horror, panic and fear, they held out for their convictions and replied that they would not deny Jesus. They were therefore both killed for having held out for their faith:

The lyrics of the songs say that this is a test that we would all hope to pass but none of us would want to take.

They were 16 years old, and in spite of the terrible atmosphere that still existed in the school and despite all the people who were killed, they stood firm for their faith. We who are policemen and strong, should also be able to stand strong for our faith in Jesus in the presence of our colleagues.

The Bible says that we are ambassadors:

2 Corinthians 5; 20:

"We therefore perform the functions of ambassadors for Christ, as if God exhorted us; we implore you in the name of Christ: Be reconciled to God! "

And that if we are ashamed of Jesus, that he too will be ashamed of us:

Mark 8; 38:

"For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in the midst of this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man will also be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels "

Then the Bible tells us:

Mark 8; 36:

"And what good is it for a man to win the world, if he loses his soul? "

What does it mean to have a great career, to rise in ranks and command the most prestigious units if to get there you have to deny God in the course of road ??

I encourage you to live your faith boldly with your friends, your families, your neighbors but especially with your colleagues.

I'd like to leave you with two thought-provoking questions:

What would you like God to accomplish with you during your career?


Are you ready to pay the price that it implies to let him do?