There is something else

« There is something else! »

"There is something else" means that your future already exists. There's something for you that's coming. If you think you have reached the top or there is nothing else for your life, THERE IS ANOTHER THING !!!

The problem with "the other thing" is that it is invisible. Then people think that what they have is all that God had in store for them. But, THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE !!!

The aim is not to despise what we have, to become materialistic or to build our confidence in our success. On the contrary, we must thank God for all that He has given us, but the goal is to believe that it is not finished; THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE !!!

Do not accept that there is nothing else in your life! Do not accept that God is finished with you! THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE !!!

Hebrews 11; 1 says: "Faith is firm assurance ...". The word "assurance" in greek is "Hupostasis" which means "a firm foundation, a present existence, confidence, courage". Faith is the ability to see things that do not yet exist as a current reality.

Then the verse goes on to say, "Things we hope for." The word "hope" is translated by the word "Elpizo" in greek which means: "Expect, aspire to, have expectations towards its future". People who have faith and hope are people who have expectations of their future, who aspire to, who want their "other thing."

When we were hired we had great expectations for our future. We wanted to stop bad guys, prosecute, seize drugs, investigate, dismantle drug networks, go on squads, save lives, and so on. We were expecting great things! However, as we advanced into our career we experienced fights, defeats, battles, frustrations, disappointments and we lost that aspect of us that expected great things. The same thing happened when we gave our life to Jesus. We wanted to help people, to save them, to testify to everybody, to shout His name on every roof, to cure the sick but little by little we lost our "Elpizo" there too.

We must continue to expect our "other thing" as when we put on our uniform for the first time and we were filled with "Elpizo". Do not accept being unhappy in your life, work, family, finances or ministry, but ask God to reveal your "other thing"!

In Hebrews 11; 8, the "other thing" of Abraham was to take possession of a land ... where already lived hundreds of thousands of people ...

The greek word for Inheritance is "Kleronomia" which translates as: "A property". It's yours! You have the titles! It's your Inheritance!

It is as if you inherited a land and once you have arrived on your property, you realize that people have been servicing the land over the years and they object to giving it to you. Unfortunately for them it is your inheritance, it is up to you, you have the titles, it is your property and you do not have to refuse your inheritance because others object!

Your future is your legacy filled with "other things." And even if people could object to what you might have, it's up to you !!! It's your legacy !!! If people are jealous of you, they also have to ask God for their "something else."

Then to the next verse in Hebrews 11; 9 We are told that Abraham came to settle in a strange land. "Establishing" in greek has two meanings. It can be temporary or permanently. The word used here is "Paroikeo" referring to settling permanently. Although Abraham was an immigrant and had absolutely no idea how God would give him this territory, he did everything he could to be ready for the day when the promise would be fulfilled. So he set up his tents for all his family to settle down for good, even if in fact he was only a stranger.

He was able by faith to see what did not yet exist as a current reality in order to get his "other thing" !!! He wanted his "other thing" !!!

Then Hebrews 11; 12 says that Abraham, then worn out with a body, had a posterity which, like the stars of heaven and the sand on the beach, was impossible to count. The word "worn out" in greek translates into the word "Nekroo" which gave the root of the French word "Necrosé" which refers to corpses. The greek word "Nekroo" means "worn, without power, destroying force, putting to death" ... it was like a corpse !!!

It is as if God had looked at Abraham's "corpse" and said, "You think it's over, you think I'm done with you, you think there's nothing more that you can do or that I can do with you, well, know that THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE !!!

I do not know if you still expect great things in your life or from God but know that even if you consider yourself a "Nekroo", THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE !!!