The 3 questions of Jesus

« The 3 questions of Jesus » 

Jesus during his ministry asked his disciples 3 questions during the 3 years they spent together.

The first question was:"Who do you say I am? "

Here are some verses that speak of the attributes of Jesus:

Isaiah 7; 14: Emmanuel (God with us)

Isaiah 9; 6: Admirable, counselor, mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace

Isaiah 32; 1: King of Justice

Isaiah 42; 1: Servant of God

Isaiah 53; 1: Arm of the Eternal

Isaiah 61; 1: Anointed Preacher

Isaiah 63; 1: Powerful Savior

Matthew 1; 1: Son of David

Matthew 2; 2: King of the Jews

Mark 8; 29: Christ

John 1; 29: Lamb of God

Revelation 5; 5: Lion of Judah

(So ​​when Christmas comes, stop talking about Jesus as the "little Jesus" but instead treat him as a mighty savior who has accomplished everything on the cross)

The second question was: "What do you think I came to do? "

Although there are several verses answering this question, here are 2 main verses on what Jesus answered on this subject:

Luke 19; 10: "Seek and save what was lost"

John 10; 10: "That the sheep may have life and have it in abundance"

Then the third and final question he asked them was: "Do you love me? "

Peter was called Simon before. When Jesus chose him he renamed him Peter. Then Jesus told him that he was Peter and that on this stone he was going to build his church. Jesus was referring to the Petros/Petra metaphor (Mt 16:18) because of the strength of his soul (Note that in french, Peter and stone is the same word which is "Pierre"). Jesus knew him and had a plan for Peter's life that was to build his church on him. It is not the fruit of hazard that He chose him and renamed him Peter.

No matter what grade you have, your function among your agency or the police force you work for, you are where you are because God wanted you there and that He had a plan for you. You are not the result of hazard.

In the passage of John 21, Jesus asks Peter 3 times if he loves him before announcing him a time and a difficult death.

If tomorrow my wife asked me if I love her I would certainly answer "yes" followed by asking her why she is asking me such a question since it is obvious that I love her. However, if she asked me if I would always love her if she became sick, disabled, blind or completely paralyzed, it would somewhat shake me.

Although the answer would always be "yes", it would be very likely that I would fall to my knees crying if such a thing happened to me knowing that I would always love my wife but because of my great suffering, would simply feel less this love.

A friend of my wife was at the hospital for physiotherapy and her roomate is a 35-year-old woman who became paralyzed after being hit by a wave during her vacation. As the life expectancy in Québec is nearly 80 years, it is also to say that she will remain about 45 more years in this state. Her husband, if he wants to honor his wife and the promise he made her at the time of their wedding, will have to spend the remainder of his married life with a woman who will spend the rest of her life depending on him for the smallest things.

The ordeal that awaits this man will be very great. He will have to feed his wife with a spoon, help her with her personal needs and clean her afterwards, he will definitely put a cross on the sexual aspect for the next 45 years of his life. It will be without any question an unprecedented time of trial in his life.

Now try to imagine having endured this situation for 5 long years and then his wife asks him later: "Do you love me? ". I am convinced that his love for her would always be there within him but because of the suffering, that he would surely feel it less. Jesus knew what was going to happen to Peter and he asked him 3 times " Do you love me ".

Although we did not had our name changed like Peter when we accepted Jesus in our lives, God had a very special plan for each of us, which is also full of trials. And Jesus stands before us, wondering, "Do you love Me? ".

It's easy to tell Jesus that we love him when all goes well but imagine if Jesus asked you, "Would you love me even if you became blind? Would you love me even if you were deaf? Would you love me even if you became paralyzed? Would you love me even if you came to see your child die?

For those of you who have children, no matter what they do, you will always love them. Even if they only do terrible things, you will surely suffer but at the end, you will continue to love them unconditionally. Jesus asks us the same thing; to continue loving him no matter the trials of our life.

Do you love me?