Never give up

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At our last meeting we watched a clip of the movie "Facing the Giant" (video at the bottom of the page) and we went over some points / lessons that apply not only to our career but also to many facets of our lives. Here are the points that emerged:

  1. Our attitude is the aroma of our heart. If our attitude is bad, it means that our heart is not in order.
  2. If we declare defeat at the beginning, God can very well test us to show us how far He can bring us. We have victory in everything, no matter what the ordeal is. He does not want His people to be defeatist.
  3. God wants the best of us at every step. He wants us to do it blindly so that we do not stop at a certain point knowing that we could go further. God wants to bring us further than we think we can go.
  4. We have to pay attention to the people around us who can either distract us, move us away, change our attitude or make us lose what God Has for us by discouraging us.
  5. Often we would like to ask God where we have gone in our trial and often He will not answer us not wanting to discourage us knowing what else is waiting for us.
  6. He will only show it to us at the end so that we can see what we have accomplished. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it hurts, sometimes we want to give up everything and sometimes we put a heavy burden on us but when we give everything to God including our trust, He will always be there to encourage us.
  7. Often when we suffer, there is always the voice of God who tells us: "Go ahead, a little to the left, a little to the right, don't give up you're going fine!". His voice is always there to direct us in a moment of faith and since faith is blind we do not always know where we walk. We also hear the people around us laughing, deconcentrating, humiliating us and even urging us to give up by saying that we will never succeed. However, if we persevere, people will start to keep silent and look at how far we can go with God. And at that moment we shall hear only the voice of God.
  8. At the end of the ordeal, God reminds us that we are the salt of this world. He exhorts us not to lose the talents He has given us. He also asks us to give him more than what we have given him in the last days. And we see that with God nothing is impossible.

To "test" is to submit faith to the test until it breaks. When it is said that gold is tested by fire, it is because one has burned the gold so much that it has been melted; It has not just been subjected to a flame of a lighter.

A proverb says: "To conquer without danger, one triumphs without glory!". The fear of being tested is often the fear of living a failure. Here are a few examples of people who have experienced failures, who have persevered and who have accomplished several things:

Lucille Ball: She was dismissed from her drama class because she was not up to it and that she was too shy. She did, however, produce 107 films as an actor, 9 films as a producer and 2 films as a director.

The Beatles: Their record company abandoned them on the pretext that their music would never work and that it did not sound good.

Ulysse S. Grant: He was dismissed from the U.S. Army and rendered to the rank of captain. He had to return to work for his father at the age of 38 years. However, during the war of secession he was rehired in the army and attained the rank of General. In 1869 he was elected President of the U.S. In 1870 he passed a law allowing all races to vote and in 1871 voted the "KKK Act" which threw the members of the "KKK" in prison.

Michael Jordan: After being cut off from his high school basketball team he went home, locked himself in his room and wept for part of the evening.

Thomas Edisson: A teacher told him at his school that he was too stupid to learn anything. He was one of the greatest inventors in the world.

Walt Dysney: He was dismissed from a newspaper because his boss said he had no imagination or originality. He created shortly after Walt Disney World

Abraham Lincoln: His fiancé died, he made two personal bankruptcies, experienced a depression and lost 8 elections. He later became the most respected president of the United States.

If you have never failed in life, it is because you have never lived. Do not be afraid of being tested!