He really lives in us

« He really lives in us » 

Credits: Louie Giglio – Must seen video clip at the bottom!

In this Easter period, we could not make a message on anything other than the death of Jesus. However, even though his death is an unparalleled symbol of perfect and unmerited love, we often do not talk about his resurrection and the promises that flow from it.

In Matthew 28; 20 When Jesus rose up and appeared before his disciples, he said to them, "Behold, I am with you every day, even unto the end of the world" It is a promise Jesus made to each one of us, but very few people suspect that this promise has a very special meaning that can only be seen and understood through a microscope ...

In the human body there is a protein called Laminin. This protein is found in the bodies of all humans and animals. Researchers estimate the number of proteins between 10,000 and 60,000 in the human body. In fact they do not even know exactly how many there are but there is one thing about, they know that of the Laminin!

It is actually a protein that sticks to other cells in the body and then runs everything inside of us. Laminin is the glue of the body; by which everything holds together. This is the reinforcement in reinforced concrete. It is by this that everything exists and subsists. If we did not have Laminin, we would collapse to the ground immediately. In fact, when something in our body attacks Laminin and the Laminin begins to fail, people become infected with Muscular Dystrophy. This is literally how the whole body works and holds together!

When one looks at the molecular structure of the Laminin, he realizes that it has the exact structure of a cross shape. Then when we look at a view of the Laminin taken by microscope, we see that the protein by which the whole body works is literally in perfect cross shape !!!

Colossians 1; 16 says to us: "For all things have been created in him ... All things were created by him and for him" Then in the following verse the Bible says, "And all things remain in him" or "By Him, all things hold together".

When we say that Jesus lives in each of us, Jesus literally lives in each of us !!!