Good and faithful servant

« Good and faithful servant »

A few years ago, I went to eat with my family and then someone talked about cough syrup for children.

It reminded me of a call I had about 6 years ago where a little girl was in cardiorespiratory arrest. At the scene we learned that the mother was from Africa and that she was not used to the medicines we had here in Canada since there were none at home. So she gave adult syrup to her 2-year-old daughter and after 1hr she stopped breathing.

I still remember doing CPR on her for 15 minutes while the ambulance arrived but it seemed like hours to me. I continued to do CPR in the ambulance during transportation to the hospital trying to hang on to what I could inside the ambulance. Once at the hospital we continued all we could do but she finally died after 3 hrs.

I still have a picture of her impregnated in my memory lying on the stretcher. The stretcher seemed so long for such a little girl .......

Then I had to go and see the mother to announce the death. How was I supposed to tell her that her 2-year-old daughter was dead but also that she was the one who killed her???

Have you ever hidden yourself at the police station or in your car to cry, asking yourself what else you could have done ???

Lately I came across the verse of Matthew 25; 23 where God said, "Well done good and faithful servant ...". How many of us had always perceived that God would speak to us in this way based only on the outcome of our actions ?? But the truth is that the master did not speak to him that way because he had doubled the profits of his master but because the servant had done what he had to do unlike the other who had done nothing when he could have done something. The good servant put to profit what had been entrusted to him, contrary to the bad servant who was content to save his acquired.

Contrary to this story, God has not entrusted us with money but the gift of eternal life, grace, love, forgiveness, and so on. So we have a responsibility to take what has been entrusted to us and to put it into good uses around us. We will not be judged on our results but on the quality of our work.

With the work we do we are in the forefront to see all the bad that the world has to bring. The important thing is to do what we have to do when it comes time to do it. That's when God will say to us: Well done good and faithful servant!