Face our fears

« Face our fears » 

In Exodus 4; 2-4 God told Moses to take a snake by the tail and that it would change into a staff. What does that mean to you when you read the passage?

Said like that, it may seem daring to take a snake but after all, we've all seen someone do it either real or on television.

However what you need to understand is that God told him to take the snake by the "tail".

Those who are used to taking snakes know that you should never take a snake by the tail, especially not a constricting snake, since it could turn around and bite you in the legs or some other accessible places or even wrap around you.

If you want to take a snake, you must take it by the head in order to prevent it from biting you. Here is a video where you can see an adventurer who holds a Boa Constrictor by the head so as not to be bitten and who demonstrates the strength of the snake by letting him surround himself around his neck. Imagine now what could have happened if he had simply taken the snake by the tail!

Now that we know all this, would you feel comfortable taking a snake by the tail if God told you to do it? Especially when you understand the dangerousness!

But God asks Moses to take the snake by the tail and, by faith, Moses does as God asked. The snake therefore changed into a staff, and as long as Moses had the staff in his hand, he possessed victory.

The snake represented the heart of Egypt (wickedness, dangerousness, threat) and the staff represented God's sovereignty (control, confidence, power, victory).

What God told Moses is that if he trusted him and faced his fears by faith, that he would have victory. Moses therefore by faith seized his fears by the tail and possessed victory by his act of faith.

When we are afraid of something, we must face it and grasp it in one way: By the tail! By trusting God that He will protect us!

The question I am asking you today is: What do you have in your hands? A snake or a staff?