“Courageous” study – Lesson #8

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As the Bible study is based on the movie "Courageous" which speaks of having courage in many aspects of our lives, the title of the 8th meeting was "Knowing Your Identity Courageously".

Today, I would like to talk about your true identity. God has worked on my true identity since 2014 and I must say that 2014 was a major change in my life!

In 2013, everything went wrong in my life to the point where it took me 8 months on sick leave to put order in my ideas.

When we read the story of Jesus who feeds the crowd in John 6; 1-13 it says in verse 8 that there was a boy (we do not know his age, but it was a boy) who had 5 loaves and 2 fish. It says that the boy gave them to Jesus hoping that the little he had could feed a few people among the crowd. The child did not have much to offer, but what he had, he gave it. And Jesus was able to do a great miracle by feeding thousands of people because of this simple act!

How many times in our lives have we looked at what we had in our lives and have we denigrated or even put it aside believing that it would be either insufficient or useless!

In my life, I was abandoned, humiliated, rejected, mocked. My school years were horrible, we were poor and my mother had to get my clothes in a bazaar. I lied to the school board telling them that I had been ill in a French exam to get my high school diploma because I did not show up to my last oral presentation because that I believed the lies that I was not worthy enough, that I did not have enough value and that people would never listen to me. I was terrified to death of going in front of a crowd having absolutely no self-esteem.

I lost my job as a Special Constable not once but twice. I also lost my job as a police officer not once but twice! All the different police agencies in Québec refused to recruit me after that; it was as if satan had done everything possible to get me out of the police or the plans God had for me!

I was totally convinced that I had absolutely no value.

But just like this young boy who had little to give, I decided to be like him and say, "Lord, I have so little to offer you but I choose to give it to you, to you who is a God without limit and who can work miracles from the little that I have. I have chosen to believe that I am a son of God and that I have a legacy waiting for me. It is out of question that I do not seize my inheritance! It's mine!

Now, look at how God has worked miracles from my ashes:

  • It is after a series of miracles absolutely great that I was hired in Longueuil
  • 11 years ago I had no work and I was rejected by all the police forces in Quebec → Now, not only I am a police officer for 11 years but I was promoted to FTO (Field Training Officer) 2 years ago and it is therefore me who trains the new officers.
  • I have lived all my life poor → Now I have more than a good salary
  • Before my mother had to go get my clothes in a church → Now it's me who gives my clothes to a church
  • I spent my life in small apartments and I even had to be accommodated sometimes → Now I live in a house far too big for me, so I help people who need a place to live for a short period of time
  • Before I had to walk, ride a bike and wait for the bus to go anywhere → Now I have 2 cars
  • Before I did not know how to build a relationship having been rejected for years → Now, I have been married for 11 years to an extraordinary woman and several people from the police community came to ask us for advice on our marriage.
  • Since we were poor, I have never traveled anywhere. → Today, I have traveled to 19 different countries around the world (And several times to the same place) ... and we are still planning new ones!
    My father abandoned me at birth and I never had a family → Now, at the age of 31, I found my brother and we see each other on a regular basis

Is it not limitless what God can do when we involve Jesus in our lives, in our dreams and in our jobs! Tell me about a transformed life!

How many of you remember the story of Jacob and his brother Esau where Jacob stole his brother's blessing and then had to flee into the desert for 20 years when his uncle royally took advantage of him? His life was a mess and he paid a lot for his bad choices. But after 20 years in the desert, he returned to see his brother, asked for forgiveness and was renamed Israel (Jacob means "Thief" and Israel means "To triumph with God").

But later in the book of Exodus 3; 15 God speaks to Moses in these words, "The Lord of your fathers, of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob ..." He did not say "Israel" ...

Now, if you want to be known as a good police officer and address to a crowd, you will not tell them, "Listen to me people: I am the defender of the rights of the street gang member, the thief and the child molester ", but you will rather say that you are the" Defender of the poor, the weak and those in need ".

So, if God speaks to His people and wants to make His name known all over the world, He will identify Himself as the God of the righteous, the strong, and those who have not failed. " In other words, He will identify himself as the God of victory; The God of Israel. But God did not tell Moses that he was the God of Israel, but the God of Jacob ...

What God is telling us is that He is not only our God when we are proud, when we are brave, when we are successful and when we boast but He says that He is also our God when we we are ashamed, when we are afraid and when we have failed!

And that, it is not an attitude that a master has towards his servants but the attitude of a loving father towards his son. We are not servants but we are sons of God!

The servants have access to a salary. The sons have access to an inheritance. A servant serves but a son builds. A servant, no matter how good he is, will never equal a son! A servant who wants to leave can leave and he will find a new place to serve. But a son ... he can not leave ... because if he leaves, he would lose everything he has, including his inheritance, his family but most important, he would lose his name! God does not seek servants but He seeks sons to bear His name!

When Jesus was baptized, God did not say, "Here is your servant, your savior, or your hero," but he said, "This is my beloved son in whom I have put all My affection." In other words, God said, "He is MY family, He has MY blood, He bears MY name! I AM-HIS-FATHER!

When God looks at you, he does not say that you are a servant but that you are a son! You think your name is (whatever your name is) but let me tell you what your name is according to God: SON OF GOD! YOU BEAR HIS-NAME !!

So, it does not matter if you think that your life, your job, your finances, your ministry, your marriage or whatever else is over, it's not over yet. You are a son of God, not a servant!

God bless you all!