“Courageous” study – Lesson #5

« Courageous » Study – Lesson #5 »

As the Bible study is based on the movie "Courageous" which speaks of having courage in many aspects of our lives, the title of the 5th meeting was "Courageous Priorities".

A short testimony from the Nova Scotia Large family opened the meeting by telling us about the day they earned $ 11.2 million in 2010: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326473/Canadian -Couple-Allen-Purple-Large-away-Entire-11-2m-lottery-win.html

We also learned from this testimony that this couple over 80 gave the total amount of their earnings to charities, hospitals and even to their fire station, despite the fact that Ms. Olivia Large was suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Although it would have been normal for them to take advantage of this amount of money to finish their old days and soothe the suffering of cancer, they simply explained their gesture by saying that "What you never had, you never missed". The important thing for them was that they had each other. What a striking teaching of a life that is not based on aspiring to possess what others have !!!

The verse in Matthew 6; 21 says to us: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also "

Think about the topics you talk about when you talk to someone or what you think when you are alone or what you are investing your money and time on and you will find out where your heart is ...

I would like to ask you 4 questions:

  1. If you would win a lottery prize, what would you do with it?
  2. How do our financial decisions reveal our values ​​and/or personal priorities?
  3. Make a list of 4 or 5 things that are important in your life and sort them in order according to the time and/or money you spend on them and see if you would like to make any changes.
  4. And finally, why do you think we invest so much time, money, and energy in things that do not last?

In English there is a saying that says "To keep up with the Joneses" which means to desire what others have around us. For example, if people have a nice car, we will buy one. If people have a new home, we will want it too. If people have a boat, snowmobile or motorcycle, we will invest time at work to have money at the end of the week to get it too.

This makes me think of the story of Achan in the book of Joshua 7 where his entire family was destroyed because he preferred to hide valuables made of gold rather than obeying God.

Of course when we talk about money or material possessions it's easy to question ourselves and come to the conclusion that we should change some of the priorities but what about other topics like school, work, or our marriage?

You see, whatever a couple married for several years really love each other, a single act of infidelity can destroy their whole family. While a peace officer's career of more than 20 years is exemplary, a single act that derogates from our criminal laws can make him lose his job. And even though a student has achieved 100% marks on every exams for 5 years at the university, a single mark down 60% can deprive him of his university degree.

This study makes us realize the importance of our choices and our priorities. So let's give real priority to what's really important and start with our families. As an example, following this study, I and my wife decided to dedicate ourselves to a day in the week when nothing will disturb us and prevent us from spending time together.

How will you innovate in your priorities?

God bless you all!