Jump Into your destiny

« Jump into your destiny»

Your destiny is what God has for you!

Here is a short passage from the Gospel of Matthew:

Matthew 6; 33: "Seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God; and all these things will be given to you over"

What do you think of when you read this verse?

  • To seek His will
  • Seeking to please Him
  • Seek to obey Him
  • To seek His face
  • Trust Him even though our eyes see the exact opposite of what we prayed for or prophesied for

Now, watch this short video on YouTube:

What lessons can you bring out from the video?

Here are 4 that we have come out but there are a lot more than just 4!

  1. God not only wants to fulfill our needs but wants to respond to them in abundance
  2. Often we dodge ourselves all the obstacles that God places before us to direct us in His will
  3. We are even ready sometimes to destroy His creation or to harm others to achieve our goals (Snail).
  4. The end reminds me of Esau when he exchanged his birthright with his brother Jacob for a simple bowl of soup: How many times have we exchanged something that was valuable for something that did not just to have it in order to satisfy an immediate need?

Psalm 127; 1: "If the LORD builds not the house, those who build it work in vain; If Jehovah does not keep the city, He who keeps it watch in vain"

In other words, everything we do must be led by God.

When I was writing this message, I was listening to a Hillsong song on YouTube and I was seeing the huge room full of thousands of people and I thought it was really crazy what Pastor Brian Houston had done!

And then I remembered the Netflix documentary - Hillsong: Let Hope Rise based on his church. I remembered the moment when I saw pictures of his early days, alone on a wooden platform in a small room and I was reminded to trust God even if what my eyes were seeing was not at all what I thought I would see.

It also made me realize that it does not give me anything to try to achieve the same successes that others have had if God did not call me to follow in their footsteps. I will only exhaust myself without ever knowing success.

Do you want to see, know and live the plans that God has for you? Then seek the kingdom of God first and the rest will be given to you!

Your destiny is what God has for you!

Jump into your destiny! Jump into the plans that God has for you!