Columbine High School: The wounds of rejection

« Columbine High School: The wounds of rejection»

On April 20th, 1999, 2 students at Columbine High School in the Denver area, Colorado, opened fire on their classmates, immediately killing 13 people.

These 2 students committed this act in order to avenge the intimidation and rejection they have suffered in the past.

If only one person had dared to face this intimidation, several lives could have been saved ...

As an officer we have taken an oath to protect people's lives but perhaps  this heroic acts are much more discreet and at hand than one thinks?

But how do we save lives every day around us? How to do it outside a fire, a shootout or a drowning?

Some time after the tragic events, the parents of 2 girls murdered during the shooting set up a foundation and a program against bullying. They could very well close themselves and let hatred grow, but instead they decided to let love overcome.

The family of Rachel Joy Scott, have set the Rachel's challenge which is a program that reaches millions of people around the world and which every day helps to save thousands of lives by fighting bullying that does no one but encourage young people to depreciate ,to devalue and never find their true identity.

So how can we also save lives everyday?

  • How to show us love with our colleagues?
  • How do we see love with our family?
  • How do we see love with our neighbors?
  • How do we see love with people in our church?
  • How to make a show of love with a pure stranger?
  • How to show us love with someone we need to stop?

Here are some ideas that I suggest to you, but above all, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the people who are suffering around you and let Him act by making yourself available for His glory:

  • Sit with someone who is always alone at dinner
  • Speak with someone who does not speak much
  • Pray for those people we meet
  • Take someone in trouble under your wing
  • Dare to raise and publicly compliment the one who is constantly belittled

Mark 8; 36:"And what is it for a man to win the world, if he loses his soul? "

NEVER underestimate the power of an act of kindness to someone!