« Kintsukuroi »

*** Message based upon the testimony of former street gang member Patrick Hosson.

For our last meeting of 2017, our brother Luther brought us a very encouraging message about the healing process to heal some of the injuries we may have suffered in the past year. The message referred to Patrick's injuries during his childhood and adolescence.

He explained that each scar told a story and that each scar was the result of an injury or a piece that was broken in our life.

However, the only way to heal an injury is to remove the bandage we made and expose it to the open air to let the process do its work.

However, by exposing our wounds to all, we are also vulnerable to people's comments, judgments, mockery, and prying eyes as everyone sees the traces we carry caused by these injuries.

But once we have completely healed and the only visible trace is a scar, we can at this point tell this story to others in order to give them hope by reminding them that they too will one day heal.

A very popular repair process in Asia is called "Kintsukuroi" which in Japanese means "Repair with gold". It consists of a process of rebuilding fragile objects (especially made of porcelain or ceramics) that were broken into pieces.

However, the fact of using gold leaves many more visible traces to the naked eye than a simple transparent glue ...

What you need to know is that Japanese people have a passion for porcelain objects and they value them immensely. It is therefore unacceptable for them to pick up broken pieces with a product that is not up to the object they have in their hands. So they use gold rather than a simple glue to repair these objects.

Much more, do we have more value as sons and daughters of God?

When God comes to repair what has been broken in us, He does not use lower quality materials to stick together but He takes valuable materials to fill the cracks that are in our lives.

Then, when we are fully healed, we are no longer ashamed of our scars but are proud to expose them to people so that everyone can know they not only can heal but also can have their wounds covered with gold!