Special Projects & Involvement

Projects usually flow from the dreams and aspirations we have.

In order to encourage the inspiration that members of the group can have, we collect their ideas for special projects and try to implement them.

In order to achieve this, we remain on the lookout for emerging talents and the desire of members to become involved in this ministry. To do this we distribute to all interested an involvement sheet with our different departments and needs so that they can signify in which sphere of activity they would like to take part.

We have a lot of projects and ideas waiting for you. Come get involved!

Our departments:

Our special projects:

  • Translate english christian police books into french
  • Create new chapters in Québec
  • Find people's talents and bring them to the forefront
  • Create a "SWAT" in case of major events (Flood, Fire, Ice rain, Etc.)
  • Organize meals to serve and honor police officers at their stations
  • Write a christian police book from our very own
  • Have our local to us (Including: Library of christian police books, Multimedia/Movies/Video Clips, Police Museum, Etc.)
  • Owning businesses and/or investments to help subsidize and help/bless officers in need
  • Create "Konek" groups where people could "Konekter" among themselves through sports or other activities
  • Sing in public places like the Subway and/or parks
  • Have a group of police officers + husbands to bless churches that do not have a choir

For more informations, send us an E-mail at projects@police4c.ca or at involvement@police4c.ca