Multimedia & Identity

Multimedia is not only present everywhere we go but it is also an excellent communication channel.

What a great way to use the technologies around us to make our identity and mission known!

In this department we want to devote ourselves to reach the largest possible audience by being present in the various social networks, on the internet, on TV, on the radio but also by adapting our message so that it is more accessible and understandable to everyone.

Here are our accomplishments and our aspirations:

Our accomplishments:

  • Radios Capsules
  • Website
  • Promotional video

Our aspirations:

  • Video capsules
  • Video summaries of our messages
  • Interview "I Am Second"
  • Create an application
  • Open a Podcast
  • Logo creation
  • Offer promotional material

For more informations, send us an E-mail at or at