Meetings & Trainings

The concept of our ministry is to meet once a month and hold a Bible study to grow together in faith. In addition to events such as conferences and/or seminars that are organized at different times of the year, we also meet outside of this context to simply socialize or share a good time between us.

We also take part in several Trainings/Conferences/Seminars in order to be better equipped and thus to be more efficient in our desire to serve God in our position and our work.

In this department, we strive to provide an encouraging message that will help officers to build solid foundations in their faith in relation to their work as well as to find the various events directly or indirectly related to the police reality and participate on a regular basis.

What we do in this department:

  • Begin the meetings with a time of prayer for our coworkers, our leaders and our organizations
  • Have a time of fraternal sharing around food
  • Stimulate a passion for Jesus through Bible studies
  • Organize Conferences/Seminars
  • Participate in Conferences/Seminars
  • Collect and disseminate testimonies of transformed lives

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