The warrior soul

Maybe you do not wear a uniform, you do not eat in a cafeteria or you do not dodge real bullets in your trade but you're still at war - a crucial war. Just wander from places to places where people are, and you'll be able to see immeasurable injuries and pains. On the outside you wear a camouflage but inside, deep inside your soul, you realize that life is conflictual. And that only to one source: satan, the adversary of our souls.

This book written by two former "Green Berets" of the US Army (including Lieutenant-General William G. Boykin former commander of the "Special Forces" who led the operation "Blackhawk Down" and founder of the elite unit "Delta Force"), "The warrior soul" provides a guide to apply the techniques of a true warrior in a spiritual world with the emphasis on 5 essential elements:

  1. A Cause Greater Than Self - Why Do We Fight
  2. The memory of events - The links between history and present circumstances
  3. Personal intensity - A desire for challenges without being distracted by personal problems
  4. Unflagging optimism - An absolute commitment to never give up
  5. A deep fellowship - A personal commitment to our brothers in arms

True warriors stand when others kneel. With this first class preparation for spiritual warfare you will be able to stand strong and see victory.

"A true warrior does not fight because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves those behind him!"