The Gospel of Matthew Through the Eyes of a Cop

Jesus calls everyone to live as a Christian around the clock. Most law enforcement academies teach the law but not how law enforcement officers can exemplify the characteristics Jesus came to teach--love, compassion, integrity, ethics, morals, and values--when on duty.

In The Gospel of Matthew through the Eyes of a Cop, author Charles Gilliland provides a daily devotional for anyone working in the criminal justice system. This guide provides training in basic, critical, and often neglected attributes that law enforcement officers must possess.

Gilliland sets up each lesson so that it mirrors a law enforcement officer's shift. The briefing section offers an idea of how to apply the lesson to daily duties, presenting a question or short statement on how the lesson relates specifically to law enforcement. The dispatch section lists the Bible verses for the lesson and prompts further reflection or research. The guide then goes -on the street, - getting to the heart of the lesson. Finally, each section concludes with a brief commentary to shed light on the passage studied.

Whether used for individual or group study, The Gospel of Matthew through the Eyes of a Cop helps law enforcement officers put into practice the lessons Jesus taught. Following this devotional, they can find a way to do so effectively for the benefit of all.