Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

The noble ‘calling’ that once meant everything to you – has it become the burdensome ‘job’ you can’t wait to get free of?

Have you lost your idealism? Do you wish you could recharge your batteries but you don’t know how?
Would the idealistic recruit you used to be recognize the bitter, angry veteran you’ve become?

The career of policing is the most demanding there is. Cops confront situations that challenge some of their most deeply cherished notions and beliefs. A cop faces incredibly daunting tasks every second s/he wears that heavy badge.

Many lose faith. They forget the ideals that brought them to the career. They no longer believe in God, in people, and, most importantly, in themselves.

These challenges and disappointments are almost always spiritual in nature. Policing is a spiritual vocation. It’s a common phenomenon that the same families produce cops and clergy in abundance. The two careers are expressions of the same basic instinct -- a desire to live for something higher, to serve an ideal, to minister to humankind, and to refine one’s character through a career of service.

SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT provides a solid, substantive foundation for nourishing the soul of the cop and replenishing his or her reservoir of idealism and spirituality. Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights, this is your one-stop practical guide to restoring inner peace and clarity.

This book will show you how to:

· Become emotionally and spiritually resilient
· Understand what you truly need to heal your inner wounds
· Find new meaning in the career
· Rekindle your Warrior Spirit
· Replace anger with peace, resentment with satisfaction

A 'must have' for all new and seasoned law enforcement officers!