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Welcome on "Cops for the cross" ministry's website!

This ministry is an opportunity to reach out to all peace officers who serve and protect the community by bring Jesus Christ to the forefront and promoting Christian growth through the teaching of the Word of God. It is a non-denominational Christian ministry made "by" and "for" peace officers regardless of their agencies (municipal, provincial, federal, military, jail, penitentiary, conservation officer, etc.) We are a chapter of the "Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers - Canada" (FCPO - Canada) and provide support to peace officers based on the gospel.

We invite you to consult the page "Events" to know the schedule of our future meetings and it is with pleasure that we will accomodate you.

May God bless you all!

How to become a member

To become a member of the FCPO-AAPC Canada Association you must be considered a "Peace Officer" within the meaning of section 2 of the Canadian Criminal Code (Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Sheriff, Wildlife Officer, Special Constable, etc.). If so, just click on this link to subscribe: http://www.fcpocanada.com/index.php?page=join-fcpo. Please note that membership is completely free and does not involve you in any way. It will give you privileged access to our group meetings, the various activities of the Association and the conferences that are held throughout Canada and the United States.

Our logo

The handsome FCPO-Canada membership pin and shoulder patch are in the form of a circle, which indicates Christ’s never-ending love for us. In the center is an open Bible representing God’s Word. Above it is a ray of gold, signifying Heaven. The colors surrounding it (and their meaning) are:

   Black, representing sin

   Red, which stands for Christ’s blood shed on the cross

   White, showing what happens to our sin when covered by His blood

   Blue, indicating the waters of baptism

   Green, denoting new life in Christ and growth in Him

   Yellow, for Heaven and the streets of gold

The patch may be sewn onto a jacket, shirt or cap, while the lapel pin can also be used as a tie tac. Wherever these emblems are worn they speak of membership in The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, and provide a silent testimony of what Christ means in the life of those who wear them.